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HEP Professor Collaborates with CCHMC Researchers

Stephen Kolwicz recently visited Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCCHMC) to collaborate on a research project with Dr. Stephen Standage, a pediatric cardiologist. Dr. Standage is investigating the effects of sepsis, a life-threatening systemic infection, on cardiac lipid metabolism and function. During his visit, Dr. Kolwicz gave a research seminar entitled, “Cardiac Lipid Metabolism: A Tale of Two Fats?”, where he presented some of the recent research performed in the Heart and Muscle Metabolism (HaMM) lab led by recent Ursinus graduates, Ian Dysinger (HEP ’19) and Elizabeth DeWitt (BCMB ’19). Dr. Kolwicz also met with members of the UC/CCHMC Early-Career Cardiovascular Researchers group to discuss career development issues and the research environment at Ursinus College.

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