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Ghost Stories at Ursinus

Happy Halloween from Myrin!

We’ve taken a look through our archives to unearth some historic ghost stories that have been spooking the campus for quite some time. All of the following were reported by students somewhere in Ursinus’s 150 years. Stop by Myrin on Halloween this Thursday to grab some snacks and add your own ghost stories to Ursinus lore!

  • In Hobson Hall’s third floor bathroom, faucets have mysteriously turned on and toilets have inexplicably flushed by themselves. Footsteps and strange scratching noises have been heard, and it’s been reported that doors sometimes shake and close on their own.
  • Shreiner Hall residents have heard unearthly footsteps, and a clock has been known to mysteriously stop ticking before starting up again. A wall mirror crashed to the floor and the nail holding it flew across the room. A floor lamp moved untouched by any human hand, and then fell over. Students heard growling noises and a sound of someone sighing in an empty room.
  • Reimert Hall isn’t just the raucous place-to-be on the weekends for the living: a room on the third floor reportedly has a window-tapping ghost who is continually seeking entrance! Students have also claimed they saw a fleeting glimpse of a young man, and that a door was shaken as if someone was kicking it very hard even though no one was outside.
  • In Clamer Hall, it is said that a ghost wearing a white dress with greyish white hair roams the premises and that flashes were seen in mirrors accompanied by strange noises. Footsteps have been heard in Fetterolf Hall, and in Elliott House, a broken clock in the kitchen with hands stopped at 4:15 moved mysteriously to 4:30 without anyone around to observe what had happened.
  • BWC had a coffee machine turn itself on after it had been turned off for weeks, and a fire alarm was triggered without warning. Perhaps these were just weird electrical mishaps? Uncertain, but it was once reported that a ghostly human-like figure was seen sitting in the lounge.
  • Though Bomberger Hall and other buildings on campus are said to have ghosts, no sightings have been reported. But in Myrin Library, it’s been reported that the elevator door opens mysteriously on the second floor by itself at closing time!

Come visit and share your own ghost stories on Halloween this Thursday!

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