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Homecoming for Sara Vukas ’18 and Ginger Rossnagel Vukas ’79

Homecoming is a time to reunite with your friends after leaving college. It is nice to have a date every year dedicated to reuniting with Ursinus alumni. It doesn’t matter if you graduated last year or ten years ago, everyone has an enjoyable time. This was my second year attending as an alumna and it was special this year because my mom, who also graduated from Ursinus, attended as well for her 40th reunion.

By: Sara Vukas ’18 & Ginger Rossnagel Vukas ’79

As a recent alumna, I was able to reunite at Homecoming & Family Weekend with my friends and classmates from 2018 and many other years. We attended the football game and enjoyed the Beers, Brews & BBQ. It is so nice to have the time to explore campus with friends and see how much it has changed. For me, I enjoyed seeing the fully completed Innovation and Discovery Center (IDC) and the progress they have made on the new Commons.

My friends and I also enjoyed reuniting with several classes at the Trappe Tavern. We were able to mingle and share stories about our time at Ursinus. It is always fun to reminisce about all of the fun times we shared at Ursinus.

My mom, Ginger Rossnagel Vukas ’79, also attended the weekend for the first time in 20 years. She really enjoyed having the ability to reunite with classmates that she has not seen in decades. Since it was her 40th reunion, she was able to meet up with several classmates that she had lost contact with over the years and reconnect over the fun of Homecoming.

Even though she had visited campus many times before as a multi-year member of the Parents Leadership Council, it was nice to be back with her graduating class. She felt it was special to see so many alumni and their families attend a fun day of friends, families and lots of great events.

In particular, she was very happy to attend the dedication of the periodic table at the IDC on Friday afternoon, as my family had donated the element Argon in honor of me (Sara Vukas ’18). My parents donated it in recognition of all the hard work and accomplishments I had while at Ursinus. She said, “It was a very nice event and a great start to my time back on campus.”

My mom also attended the Reunion Brunch, which she described as a highlight, as it was well organized and provided her with a great opportunity to catch up with her old friends. The food was delicious and setting up the tables by major class reunion year made it easy to find those friends!

Lastly, my mom attended the turf dedication event at Eleanor Frost Snell Field, in honor of longtime field hockey coach Adele Boyd ’53. She thoroughly enjoyed the event and felt it was a great time to see fellow classmates.

Overall, it was a fun day of catching up with old friends, seeing the campus and enjoying a beautiful day outdoors, no matter what year you graduated!

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