"2001 Ursinus Odyssey"

2001 Ursinus Odyssey

This artist sketch by ROY SCARFO—reminiscent of a place George Jetson might have once flown to in some far-distant future—appeared in the 1969 edition of The Ruby (Ursinus’s yearbook), depicting what our campus might look like in 2001.

While the Collegeville campus saw plenty of changes over those 32 years (and the 18 years since), it didn’t come close to the wildly retrofuturistic vision captured in this illustration, one that evokes sleek and circular designs in a world in which intergalactic travel seems possible. As we celebrate our 150th anniversary, we at Ursinus Magazine ask our readers to imagine what Ursinus could look like at the turn of the next century. What will it be like to walk down Main Street in the year 2100? What will the buildings look like? What kinds of classes will students take? Tell us your ideas or send us your own sketches by emailing ucmag@ursinus.edu.

2001 Odyssey