Record 1,869 Donors Sought for #Giving2UCday to Honor 150th Anniversary

Ursinus is gearing up for its sixth annual giving day on December 3, 2019, a post-Thanksgiving tradition held on “Giving Tuesday,” a national day of giving.

This year, the Ursinus community is aiming for its highest participation rate ever, hoping to reach 1,869 donors as a nod to the year of the founding of the college. With an emphasis on participation rather than dollar amount, the one-day challenge is aimed at raising funds and increasing giving participation and engagement among Ursinus’s community of alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents and friends.

If successful, the 1,869 donors would again break a #Giving2UCday record. In 2018, 1,707 donors marked the largest single day of giving in Ursinus history.

Each #Giving2UCday gift supports Ursinus College’s Annual Fund or another designated area of need. Giving provides vital resources for students and makes an impact on Ursinus’s reputation among peer institutions and grant eligibility. Much of the scholarships and financial aid that students receive comes from the college’s unrestricted annual giving program.

This year, participation has even more of a major impact thanks to a handful of generous supporters who have offered challenge funds to be “unlocked” as specific milestones are reached throughout the day. Those challenges include:

  • The Overall Challenge: Ann (Helfferich) Mackenzie ’77 and Graham Mackenzie ’74 will donate $10,000 to Ursinus if 1,869 donors participate on #Giving2UCday.
  • The Early Bear Challenge: Peg Williams ’80 will donate $2,500 to Ursinus if at least 623 people (one-third of 1,869) donate by 9 a.m. on #Giving2UCday.
  • Audacious Afternoon Challenge - Trustee Terry Connell ’72 will donate $2,500 to Ursinus if we reach at least 935 donors (one-half of our overall goal) by 3 PM on #Giving2UCday!
  • Bears in Our Backyard & Beyond Challenge: President Brock Blomberg will make an additional donation of $5,000 if at least one person from each of the 50 states donates on #Giving2UCday.Dean Mark Schneider will donate $20 for every faculty and staff member who makes a gift on #Giving2UCday.
  • Will Abele ’61 is also issuing a special challenge for his fellow members of the Ursinus Board of Trustees.

The day will include opportunities for donors to win prizes, such as first online gift of the day (midnight on December 3); a 150th anniversary online gift of the day; and a Zachie selfie challenge, where one person who publicly posted a selfie with Zachie on social media using the #Giving2UCday hashtag will be randomly chosen for a prize.

#Giving2UCday will also include a campus coffee hour at 9:30 a.m. as well as a philanthropy fair for students.

For more information and updates about #Giving2UCday and to make your gift on Dec. 3, visit Be sure to follow @ursinuscollege on social media. Contact Colleen Fida ’15, assistant director of annual giving, at or (610) 409-3321 with questions. –By Mary Lobo ’15