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Interns Showcase their Accomplishments

Over 30 students presented at the Business and Economics Internship Poster Hour.   Business and Economics students who interned over the summer shared their experiences, accomplishments and advice with students, faculty and the Ursinus community.

Summer is not only a time to earn money but also an opportunity to explore career choices and earn internship credit for many Business and Economics (BE) students.  Ursinus students are required to participate in an “independent learning experience,” a requirement that can be satisfied by an internship.  Students, working with the Career and Professional Development Office, seek job opportunities that will provide significant career-level work experiences.   An on-site mentor trains and evaluates the student’s growth, team-leadership potential and personal qualities.  Each student reflects on the work experience by writing a journal and presents these reflections at the Internship Poster Hour.

In Summer 2014, BE internship locations ranged from a chamber of commerce in Northeastern Pennsylvania to a small record company in Los Angeles to a national beverage company.  Leveraging coursework in marketing, one intern helped develop a marketing strategy to help firms to take advantage of the Breeder’s Cup horse-racing event.  Another student drew upon his accounting background to prepare reports on international tax issues, while another student learned about the complexities of Medicare and shared them with her clients in a blog.  As on student intern advised a fellow student, “It is an experience that will help shape your future.”