Modern Languages

French Choir Performs its First Holiday Concert

On December 6th, 2019, the French Choir performed its first holiday concert in Olin Plaza. Lyrics were distributed, and Faculty, Staff and students who had gathered were able to sing along the French Christmas Carols.

The members of the French Choir are: Kevyn Dewees, Elisa Rodriguez, Carver Wolfe, Katie Schultz, Rosie Cuomo, Erica Kitterman, French FLTA Léa Fougerolles, and Visiting Assistant Professor of French, Dr. Sylvia Grove.

The Choir was led by Assistant Professor of French, Dr. Céline Brossillon.

On the day of the concert, they were helped by Matt Snyder who introduced the songs, Arabella Taucher who joined in the performance, and Kyle Merlo who kindly agreed to ring the bells.