Junior Chemistry Majors Explore GSK Externship

Two chemistry majors attend GlaxoSmithKline’s 4th annual GSK undergraduate chemistry experience event at GSK’s Collegeville site.

On January 16th and 17th, GlaxoSmithKline held their 4th annual GSK undergraduate chemistry experience event at their Collegeville site. This two-day event exposes undergraduate chemistry majors interested in organic or computational chemistry to career possibilities in the pharmaceutical industry by exploring the many roles chemists have in the discovery and development of pharmaceutical agents.

Two junior chemistry majors, Christina Wentz and Adam Zucker, were invited to attend the program, meet GSK scientists, and learn about GSK summer internship opportunities.

In addition to learning about the complex drug discovery process, Christina and Adam presented posters on research in which they contributed. The GSK event concluded with a panel discussion on chemistry careers in the pharmaceutical industry.