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Alumni Spotlight: Joe Makuc

This profile is part of a series that highlights what History Grads do after Ursinus.


Joe Makuc is an Ursinus grad who majored in History and minored in English. He is currently at studying at Temple University’s Public History MA program.

Q: How do you think the UC History department prepared you for your career as a Grad student?

Joe: It gave me a foundation in historical methods (HIST-200W) and practical experience in public history (HIST-212)

Q: How do you think you stack up with your peers?

I can research and communicate my findings on even footing with my professors and other students

Q: Is there anything that UC History did that helped you out? like, something specific, if any?

Learning how to engage with other peoples’ writing on a topic

Q: What’s something you miss about History at Ursinus?

Exploring how the past we study in the classroom relates to the world we live in

Q: Advice for people majoring in History who might be worried about post-grad life? if any

Talk to your professors and Career and Postgraduate Development about what you want to do—they can help you make plans

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