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Fall Back In LOVE With Your New Year’s Resolutions

by: Kaci McNeave ’19

Remember back on January 1st when you made all those resolutions, excitedly listing the goals that had previously eluded you, reciting the mantra, ‘New Year, New Me’? You were really going to do it this time; you were going to work hard for those goals, and you were going to stick to them, no matter what it took!

Okay…so it’s February and you’ve already been slacking: You haven’t set up your budgeting masterplan, or stuck to your 5K training regimen, and you just can’t get behind that low-carb diet …guess what? It’s okay; it happens to everyone. In fact, around 80% of people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions. Luckily, there is still plenty of time to turn it around, provided some necessary adjustments be made.

You may be wondering where you went wrong, how you can get them back on track and ultimately learn to love working towards these goals. Resolutions give us the chance to better ourselves and provide new opportunities. Here are a few reasons your resolution may have failed the first time, and how to tweak them so that they have a better chance of working:

  1. Your goal wasn’t specific enough: Your original resolution may have been too vague. This time, try creating a specific plan of action to take. For example, instead of exercising three times a week, have a plan to work out Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays for 30 minutes each day. This is going to help you know what you need to do and help to hold you accountable to a specific plan of action. When the plan is vague, it is easy to push things off.
  2. Your resolution isn’t framed the right way: Think about your original resolution - did you shape it in a negative way? Try to reframe your resolution to focus on something you want to start and stick to doing, instead of something that you must stop. A positive goal or action is going to help motivate you to create real change and to build better habits.
  3. You didn’t account for roadblocks: Setbacks are going to happen, and it is important to prepare for them. Nobody is perfect and not everything always goes according to plan. Change is hard, but if you have a plan to work around the hurdles that come up, you will be able to keep pushing towards your goals.
  4. You’re not passionate about your goal: Does your goal really matter to you? If you’re not making these resolutions for the right reasons, it’s not going to last long. When you create a goal that is going to focus on working towards what is best for you, and structure your environment to help with that, you will have a better chance of staying with it.
  5. You don’t have support: If you feel yourself caving or slipping, reach out for support. Help from others can help keep you motivated, make you feel supported and hold you accountable. You don’t have to go at it alone, and chances are, having others encourage you on your resolutions is going to get you one step closer to sticking with it.

If you seem to be struggling to keep your resolutions, it is likely time for a change. Make these simple adjustments, and you’ll learn to love those resolutions and be back on track to making them a reality.

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