The U-Imagine Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies

BEAR Pitch Competition

Be Entrepreneurial And ROAR!! (BEAR) Pitch Competition

April 25, 2015

$900 in CASH Prizes 

Students, faculty and staff 

2 Minutes to Present your innovative idea before a panel of judges
Fast-paced, fun event!!!


Prizes in three categories: 

  • Student for-profit 
  • Student nonprofit 
  • Faculty and Staff (profit or non-profit) 


Prizes (in each category)

  • 1st - $150 CASH
  • ?2nd - $100 CASH
  • 3rd - $50 CASH


Instructions for Pitch Participants

?Every BEAR Pitch must answer the following questions in 2 minutes/2 slides

(Slides are not required, but if you use them you are limited to 2, including the cover slide)


IDEA What is your idea and how does it work?



Who is it for? Who will benefit?

Why do they need it? (What is the problem you are 

solving or the need you have identified?



How will you generate revenue and/or obtain funding?
DIFFERENTIATION What makes it different or unique?
THE ASK What are you asking for in terms of time/talent/money and for what purpose?