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Ursinus Students Give Their Thoughts On Going Virtual

Iasia Oten ’23, Maia Peele ’23, and Julia Paiano ’23 give some insight into what it has been like to switch to online learning.

A few students from the class of 2023 decided to give their thoughts on going virtual. As a Media and Communications major, Julia Paiano thought that it was a “smooth transition” into online learning. She noted that her classes are going well and that professors have been very understanding in these trying times. Maia Peele, Anthropology major, stated that the switch to online learning has been a little stressful and confusing at times, but hopefully as the weeks go by things can become as normal as they can be. Iasia Oten also talked a little bit about being a Biology major using online learning. She stated that “it’s nice being able to view lectures on your own time instead of having a strict class schedule” and that she appreciates being able to have options for what to do about Biology lab such as doing small assignments for some extra points or just keeping her lab grade as is. While online learning can never measure up to actually being on campus and in a classroom setting, these online platforms have been very helpful in making sure everyone stays connected and keeping the Ursinus community going strong.

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