Wismer on Wheels

October 28, 2014

Wismer on Wheels is an Ursinus-based program which donates extra food from the Wismer dining hall and donates it to a local food pantry.

“Wismer on Wheels is a volunteer organization that packages the leftover food from the Wismer and delivers it twice a week to a local charity in Norristown, PA. Our mission is to provide meals for those in need while reducing food waste on campus. Volunteers are scheduled to package at least once a week per semester, either after lunch or dinner. Once scheduled, they are responsible for their shift every week. We also have volunteer positions for those willing to deliver on a weekly or as-needed basis. Wismer on Wheels meets at the beginning of each semester to schedule and train new volunteers, all students, organizations, and teams are welcome to join. Please email us if you are interested in volunteering.”

-Tyler Winkis, Wismer on Wheels President 2015-16


Volunteer Hours- flexible from 1-7pm