Students “Zoom” into Interviews

Seniors are gaining an advantage in remote job searching.

Seeking out job opportunities after graduation can be stressful for some students and the “new normal” of virtual meetings and work spaces adds an unexpected wrinkle. But at Ursinus, students are navigating the changing landscape expertly while taking advantage of opportunity in the digital age.

“We know that students are faced with a lot of uncertainty as they prepare to graduate this spring, but they’re being proactive and creative in their approach to engaging with employers and taking advantage of new pathways to employment,” says Sharon Hansen, director of career and post-graduate development. “More than ever, opportunity exists at their fingertips. They can create a digital profile that speaks louder than any resume on paper, and they are only a few keystrokes away from having a video chat about their career aspirations. The current health crisis isn’t driving students away from opportunity. In some ways, it’s bringing them closer to it.”

Hansen says there are certain tactics students are employing that can be helpful in their job search:

  • Focusing on virtual engagement.
  • Meeting with a career adviser in Career and Post-Graduate Development.
  • Working on creating/refining a “digital brand.” Students who take time to fully create or update meaningful profiles on sites like Handshake and LinkedIn are more likely receive messages from employers.
  • Proactively connecting with potential employers and keeping in touch with them even if they aren’t hiring now.

Ursinus is developing new communications strategies, such as a weekly newsletter for students highlighting resources and opportunities and is proactively connecting students with alumni workplaces to help meet their immediate needs. –By Ed Moorhouse