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Carol McMillin has ergonomic tips for working from home.

Working and studying from home for an extended period of time presents many challenges, one of which is maintaining an ergonomic workspace. 

It’s important to designate a specific space for your temporary workstation that is ergonomically set up for your comfort and physical wellbeing, says Carol McMillin, director of environmental health and safety and risk management.

McMillin offers tips to Ursinus employees for working in the comfort of your own home, well, comfortably. The goal is to maintain neutral posture to minimize discomfort and development of musculoskeletal disorders as a result of working in awkward positions.

McMillin suggests:

  • Designating a specific area that has limited distractions and natural lighting, if available.
  • Using a work surface that is 28-30 inches high.
  • Using a chair that supports your lower back.
  • Utilizing a keyboard and mouse when using a laptop for an extended period.
  • Raising the laptop height by using books, reams of paper, or another sturdy object so that you view the screen at or near the top.
  • Taking micro-breaks every hour.
  • Stretching frequently and re-adjust in your chair or standing position.

More tips can be found here, or visit the EHS/Risk Management webpage for additional information about ergonomics and setting your space at home. To set up a virtual ergonomic assessment, email McMillin at cmcmillin@ursinus.edu. By Monique Kelly

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