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Chemistry Student-Faculty Research Accepted at ACS 2020 National Meeting & Expo

The following chemistry majors had research presentations or posters accepted by the American Chemical Society for the ACS Spring 2020 National Meeting and Exposition in Philadelphia:

  • Kevin Brown
  • Kailyn Cohen
  • Paige D’Elia
  • Emily Franz
  • Broderick Johnson
  • David Lippe
  • Alyson Manley
  • Joseph Pantel
  • Christina Wentz

Student and faculty co-authors along with research titles are listed below (names of student presenters are underlined).

Emily Bender ’20, Emily Franz ’21, Samantha Wilner, “Synthesis and assembly of oligonucleotide-stabilized lipid micelles”

Kailyn Cohen ’20, Alana Huynh ’22, Paige D’Elia ’22, Amanda J Reig, “Redox properties of de novo designed due ferri single-chain (DFsc) protein variants“

Broderick Johnson ’20, Mark David Ellison, “Cysteine functionalization of clarithromycin for nanomaterial attachment for delivery to Escherichia coli”

Alyson Manley ’20, David Lippe ’20, Sarah Blatt ’20, Dan Ragone ’20, Mark David Ellison, “Motion of neurotransmitters through single-walled carbon nanotubes”

Noel McCampbell ’20, Kevin Brown ’22, Lilly McQueen ’19, Mark David Ellison, Anthony Lobo, “Interaction of erythromycin-functionalized graphene oxide with Escherichia coli”

Haley O’Malley ’20, Jaclyn Zaccaro ’20, Emily Cid ’21, Kyumin Lee ’21, Christina Wentz ’21, Molly Divis ’21, Regan Newman ’21, Alix Segil ’21, Justin Siberski ’21, Mark David Ellison, Anthony Lobo, “Combatting antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli with carbon nanomaterials”

Alexander Paredes, Joseph Pantel ’21, Olivia Peduzzi, Brittany Loh, Amanda J Reig, Katherine Buettner, “Hydrolytic mini-metalloenzymes”

Olivia Peduzzi, Alexander Paredes, Brendan Cherrey ’20, Amanda J Reig, Katherine Buettner, “Binuclear zinc hydrolase mimics for DNA cleavage”

Collaborators in student research include fellow Ursinus students in other majors as well as students from Gettysburg College.

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