Positivity Prevails in Videos from Faculty and Staff

Students were welcomed to the virtual spring semester with video greetings from faculty and staff.

To kick off the spring semester and the move to online learning, nearly 40 members of faculty and staff submitted videos that were shared on social media. Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Nick Scoville enlisted his family to help pull off a parody of “The Office,” which garnered nearly 900 likes and 269 shares on Instagram, making it the fourth most popular post of all time on the college’s account on the platform.

Others also featured their families, including Professor of Media & Communication Studies Lynne Edwards, who performed a song alongside her son (until her unique singing style chased him away), and Associate Professor of Biology Dale Cameron, whose children joined him in reassuring students, “We’re all in this together.”

Pets were also popular costars (seven dogs, one rabbit), and Assistant Professor of Math and Computer Science Chris Tralie created an animated video, in which he reimagined himself as penguin in a virtual world.