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Looking Back on the Performing Arts Program

by: Courtney Stewart ’14

As alumni, we often find ourselves reflecting on programs that we could have been involved in or discussing the crossover between different courses. Have you ever wondered what it was like to be involved in the performing arts program at Ursinus? I know I have, so I reached out to some alums who majored in theater, music and dance to get the inside scoop.

“Being a theater major at Ursinus undoubtedly helped form me into not only a confident individual willing to take risks, but also an empathetic individual. My four years were spent engaging in theatrical productions that pushed me to my performer limits and allowed me to collaborate with my peers in an exploratory setting. What I appreciated most were the intellectually stimulating and riveting conversations that unfolded within the classroom. Course offerings allowed for students to make connections that centered around Ursinus’s CIE questions and broadened my understanding of human nature across different time periods, cultures and human experience and circumstance.” – Kristin Cichowski ’13


Do you remember your CIE courses? Did you also find greater connections? CIE can often be a springboard into wider discussions to help shape our views of the world. Ursinus is a place where such discussions are encouraged and cultivated. Even more so, the college really focuses on providing opportunities of all kinds for its students.

“When I was applying to Ursinus, I received an email about the performing arts scholarships for theater, music and dance. At the time, I had been involved in music for 11 years, so it just made sense for me to apply [for the scholarships]. This opportunity really allowed me to take on more responsibilities in the department as well as grow as a musician. I used to only sing and play the flute and bassoon, but now I sing and play nine instruments. Music has always a passion of mine and [because of this scholarship], I was able to explore that passion in the music program.” – Lauren Feldman ’19

Lauren’s experience perfectly encapsulates what it means to be not only be involved in a specific program at Ursinus, but also what happens when students are supported through scholarships. Over the past few years, Ursinus has really vamped up their scholarship offerings, which has allowed students from all types of backgrounds to take advantage of the many academic opportunities that the college has to offer. Because of the generous program, 99% of students receive some form of grant or scholarship aid. In particular, the Performing Arts Scholarship is one of the newest. Each award is $40,000 per year, or $160,000 over four years, for outstanding students with ability, commitment and leadership potential.

In the last few years, the performing arts program has expanded and evolved. In particular, the music program. Emily Cooper ’15 often goes back to visit and watch concerts and programs. She was a member of the third class to graduate with a music degree and was able to combine her love of music with completing her degree in politics. These programs allow for creativity, crossover between courses and exploration of fundamental and practical curriculums.

If you would like to know more about these programs, the scholarship opportunity or ways to give back to either, be sure to check out the website! You can designate your gift to the performing arts program or the scholarship here.

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