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2020 H. Lloyd Jones Award for Distinguished Advising and Mentoring

Dr. Susanna Throop, Associate Professor and Chair of History

Susanna Throop received her B.A. from Cornell University, an M.A. from the University of Toronto, and her Ph.D. from Cambridge University. She joined us at Ursinus College in 2009. Dr. Throop has served as the Director of the Teaching and Learning Institute and became Chair of History in 2016. Dr. Throop is a scholar and teacher of medieval history.




It is a pleasure to present the H. Lloyd Jones, Jr. Award for distinguished advising and mentoring to Professor Susanna Throop. Because we both have offices on Olin 3, I have witnessed just how much Dr. Throop deserves this recognition. Her door and her heart are open to all students, and many seek her out to talk about their academic issues, personal challenges, future plans, or even just the latest craze in popular medieval culture!

As one of her advisee states:

Dr. Throop has helped me pick out my classes every semester since I transferred and has helped me figure out how to graduate on time. She also worked as my advisor for my summer internship at the Mill at Anselma, which she recommended me for. In a more informal setting, she really helped me adjust to life at Ursinus College. She made me feel very comfortable on campus and with the History Department. I cannot begin to describe how much her words and encouragement mean to me.

Another appreciative student adds:

Not only [did she] help me boost my grade in history while fully grasping the content, she also helped me prep for an internship, sort through my plans for after college, and figure classes out for the future semester.

This small sample represents the much larger group of students that Dr. Throop mentors on an almost a daily basis. She epitomizes the Ursinus tradition of caring for the whole student and for every student, building those personal relationships between faculty mentors and students that we all value so highly. It is my honor to share this advising award with Dr. Throop and I thank her for her dedication to her advisees, her History majors, and to all the students who seek out her mentorship, knowing they will be listened to and cared for.

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