Celebration of Scholarship, Creativity & Achievement

Jasmine Harris

Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Sociology

In 2020, Jasmine Harris, an assistant professor of anthropology and sociology, published two articles: “Inheriting Educational Capital: Black College Students, Non-Belonging, and Ignored Legacies at Predominantly White Institutions” in Women’s Studies Quarterly: Inheritance; and “Brown Beauty: Color, Sex, and Race from the Harlem Renaissance to World War II” in the Journal of American Ethnic History. These publications followed an active fall semester in which Harris’s work on compensation for student-athletes and the Fair Pay to Play Act was often cited by national media outlets. “The time and energy required to make that money will likely further negatively impact student-athletes’ academic experiences,” Harris explained. “Compensation is not only justified, but in many cases it’s necessary. However, research clearly shows that having to earn that money through heavy promotional activity, without the support of their institution, might not be the best way to implement that change.”