Celebration of Scholarship, Creativity & Achievement

Richard Wallace

Professor of Environmental Studies

In what proved to be a great example of student-faculty research collaboration, Richard Wallace, a professor of environmental studies, collaborated with his advisee, Jess Greenburg ’21, to tackle “climate anxiety,” an affliction that many professionals and students studying the environmental sciences have been experiencing for decades. Alongside Wallace’s long-time collaborator at Yale, Susan Clark, their work, “Confronting anxiety and despair in environmental studies and sciences: an analysis and guide for students and faculty,” was published in the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. With near-constant reminders that the climate is changing, Wallace said it is more important than ever to address the anxiety and dread that this can cause. “Talking with and listening to Jess really helped me gain a critical perspective on my own work, especially in the classroom,” Wallace said. “Once we started working together, we planned a Summer Fellows project in which we would write a guide for students and faculty to help them gain important perspective on how to integrate traditional teaching and learning practices with strategies for reducing anxiety and despair in and outside of the classroom.”