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Codi Yhap named recipient of Rifkin Award for original piece

Codi Yhap (’20) has been named a recipient of Robert Rifkin Award in Composition

     The Music Department is pleased to name Codi Yhap (’20) as a recipient of this year’s Robert Rifkin Composition Award for his original piece “Slow to Love”. Yhap’s composition is based on the four Greek words for love; ​Phila, Storge, Eros, and Agape. These words represent the different forms of love that one can feel such as friendship, divine love, familial love, and romantic love respectively.  “I wanted it to feel like a story that took you on a journey through each definition. With each new element, I tried to have each definition build on each other and have the instrumentation do the same to show that each of these definitions were being summed up into one”, explains Yhap.

     Codi is spending most of his time in quarantine doing school work. He recently started working at a grocery store near Ursinus College to provide more structure to his day.

     When asked about his Ursinus experience, Codi reflects, “ I have learned so much from the music department, especially from Dr. Rosa Abrahams. She has been my advisor and music cognition mentor since my sophomore year and she has been the best mentor/advisor. I could not ask for a better advisor.”  Yhap was able to complete a Summer Fellows project with Dr. Onaci and Dr. Abrahams, learned how to give an elevator speech about his research at the Society for Music Perception and Cognition (SMPC) conference, and is now continuing with his independent research.

Congratulations Codi! We wish you luck in your future endeavors!

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