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We Must Do Better: A Joint Statement About Racial Injustice

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We write today with one voice—the president of the college and the president of the student government—to speak with unity about the issues of racial injustice and inequality. The protests across our nation demand participation and we both agree that our Ursinus family cannot stand by, passively watching in quiet as injustice occurs. Words matter, but they alone are not enough.

We are currently working with partners across campus to help center the voice of the members of our black community and all people of color, so that we can act in solidarity and inspire change. This is no small order. The reality is that racial inequality exists now, much as it has for generations. Our country’s collective indifference has cost us too many lives. We must do better to confront that reality here on campus and in our communities, wherever they may be.

Because we both share and support the values of Ursinus, let us be clear: this is an issue that defines who we are as a campus. At its very core, racial injustice threatens the safety, well-being and progress of all marginalized communities that have, for far too long, been left to fight this battle alone. We speak often of the four questions at Ursinus, and it is time that we apply those questions to this critical matter in a constructive way among one another. We have faith that uncomfortable conversations, sobering as they may be, will lead the faculty, staff and students of Ursinus to a greater understanding of the painful inequalities that divide us. We need to empower our students to lead that dialogue and to channel that pride and passion in a way that provides guidance for us all.

We must do better.

Next Wednesday at 1:30 p.m., we ask all students and members of our campus community to join us for the first of what we hope will be a series of discussions about injustice. For Ursinus to grow and change and lead, we need your support. We will be hosting a virtual open forum to briefly discuss what we plan to do—and what needs to be done. This moment inspires action, but that action is best served if we are moving forward together, as one community. You can sign up for that event now.

More details will be coming soon across all social media, but we encourage you to begin registering for that virtual open forum today.

You may also want to register for a special virtual “Conversations About and Across Difference” that is scheduled for tomorrow at noon. The topic is “What is our responsibility as students, faculty and staff during the current time of crisis within our community?”

More than 150 years ago, President Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” By issuing this statement together, we recognize the devastating role racism continues to play across all people of color, and we hope you will work with us for a better tomorrow, here at Ursinus and wherever your future may take you. #WeareoneUC.



Jalen Everette ’22, president of UCSG
President Brock Blomberg

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