Dr. Brent Mattingly publishes book on relationships and the self-concept.

Along with two colleagues, Dr. Brent Mattingly recently edited and published an academic volume titled Interpersonal Relationships and the Self-Concept.

The edited volume serves as a comprehensive overview of contemporary research on relationship-induced self-concept change, a process by which individuals’ sense of self is directly affected by close relationship processes. In addition to serving as co-editor for the volume, Dr. Mattingly also co-authored four of the chapters within the book: 1) an overview chapter outlining relationship-induced self-concept change; 2) a chapter examining how individuals’ self-concepts are affected by relationship breakup; 3) a chapter examining how workplaces can serve as a rich source for self-concept change; and 4) a summary chapter that outlines future directions for the field.

More information about Dr. Mattingly’s book can be found here: