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Dr. Mora Reinka joins Ursinus’ Psychology Department!

Mora Reinka will be joining the faculty at Ursinus College in the fall of 2020 as a new Assistant Professor in psychology.

She recently graduated from the University of Connecticut’s Social Psychology program after she defended her dissertation, “Women’s Stress Appraisals and Coping Strategies in Response to Palatable Food Cues” on June 10th of this year. During her time in graduate school, she researched the stress and coping processes of stigma: how do stigmatized individuals process stigma-related stressors? How do they cope with stigma-related stress? She has examined a number of stigmatized groups, including race, weight, and concealable stigmatized identities—ones that are not immediately apparent to an outside observer. She plans to continue that work at Ursinus in the health physiology lab she will oversee, as well as teach on relevant topics in her Health Psychology and ARM Health Psych classes.

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