Library and Information Technology

Instructional technologist presents at two summer conferences

Christine Iannicelli, instructional technology librarian at Ursinus College, will present at two virtual conferences this summer.

In June 2020, Christine presented at Educause’s Northeast Regional Computing Program (NERCOMP) Annual Conference on Teaching Information Literacy and Digital Literacy through Escape Rooms. 

She shared ideas and examples of how to use escape rooms to engage students in information literacy and digital literacy instruction, encourage collaboration and critical thinking, and provide opportunities for students to explore library resources and innovative technology. You can access the recorded presentation online

In July 2020, Christine will present at T3+BlendLAC, a joint forum hosted by Bryn Mawr College and St. Norbert College for scholars and academics to present on blended learning and the transformative uses of technology. Her presentation on Empowering Student Workers to Lead Digital Fluency Training focuses on the training and development of the Digital Liberal Arts (DLA) Fellows program at Ursinus. You can access the recorded presentation online