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Ursinus Music Department Welcomes 2020 Scholarship Winner

Ursinus College Music Department will soon welcome members of the Class of 2024, and among them is our multi-talented Performing Arts Scholarship recipient, Sam Love!

While 2020 has so far thrown many curve-balls into the planning of the upcoming academic year, one thing that remains as exciting as ever is the arrival of new students on campus. This year, UC Music Department welcomes a talented new student, Sam Love, who is the recipient of the 2020-2024 Performing Arts Scholarship in Music. Sam, who has already garnered rich experience in the Philadelphia music scene, introduces himself in his own words below. Welcome, Sam!!

“I have been playing music since I was seven; starting with piano, and gradually adding instruments along the way. My interest in different genres is always changing. My first serious musical experience was with PYAO, a part of the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra playing trumpet. My highschool experience was split in two main musical endeavors; playing classical trumpet with PYAO and Bravo Brass (another part of the PYO organization) and writing my own music and jamming with friends. My original songs are similar to the music I listen to now, my interest is in mixing the genres of blues, jazz, and funk. During writing and recording my music I decided to pick up guitar and bass to round out my musical knowledge, and they have become a main focus recently.

At Ursinus I hope to gain a better understanding of all of the instruments I play, as well as explore directions for my personal song writing and my career as a musician. Connections are another goal of mine to expand upon at Ursinus; I am trying to put together a collective. I have already started this but it still needs to grow. Ideally this would be more than 15 musicians of varying backgrounds so when anyone writes a song we can have a different line up that will work specifically for that style.”

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