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Educational Studies major’s thoughts on Summer Fellows Research

Working alongside Dr. Mackler this summer, I spent my time thinking about the role that our view of intelligence plays in how we structure our political and educational systems.

The goal was to try to understand how certain ways of thinking about intelligence can lead us to be more active and virtuous citizens in an American democratic republic (a topic with a lot of connections to current American issues). Being mostly conceptual, the project led me to read, analyze, and synthesize the ideas of a number of philosophical authors including William James, Jacques Rancière, Thomas Jefferson, and several contemporary academics. The experience was both challenging and rewarding, and having the chance to work with Dr. Mackler on such a focused project (along with helpful advice from other professors) has been an invaluable experience. I plan to extend this research into the fall and spring semesters as an honors research project and cannot wait to see where it leads next!

You may view Matt’s video presentation by clicking on this link:  


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