Student Organizations

Ursinus College Student Government

The Ursinus College Student Government seeks to accurately represent the study body in decisions affecting the students and conversations with administration.


2021-2022 UCSG Members

The Ursinus College Student Government (UCSG) speaks and acts on the student body’s behalf in matters of student policy, residency, and activities. 

It does so in part by appointing student representatives to committees, including the Judiciary Board and the Student Activities and Services Committee (SASC). The UCSG frequently conducts open meetings, which provide students with an opportunity to voice their opinions when important changes happen on campus. 

The main decision-making body of the UCSG is the 17-member Executive Board, consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Chair, and three representatives from each class. The Executive Board convenes regular meetings of the Student Senate where student representatives discuss current issues. It also oversees the operations of Class Councils and student committees.

The UCSG kick starts projects and initiatives on campus to better the community for everyone. Some of these have included the Textbook Resource Pilot Program and the Reimert Pilot Program. The UCSG also facilitates other organizations and committees’ efforts to improve the Ursinus community.

All students are encouraged to approach student government representatives in person or by email at