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Heart & Muscle Metabolism Summer Fellows Students See Future Impact

Ursinus students, Katie Kurzinsky ’21 and Brooke Segich ’21, met the challenge of working within a virtual environment this summer with mentor, Dr. Stephen Kolwicz. In addition to the Summer Fellows presentations, the students will have an opportunity to see an impact of their project work, through future manuscript development and senior research work.

Students, Katie Kurzinsky ’21 and Brooke Segich ’21, recently completed individual research projects with HEP professor, Stephen Kolwicz, the Director of the Health & Muscle Metabolism Lab (HaMM), as part of the Ursinus College Summer Fellows program. Students worked with Dr. Kolwicz remotely from June 8 to July 24th. Katie organized, analyzed, and compiled data from a series of experiments conducted by Dr. Kolwicz’s undergraduate students from the University of Washington and Ursinus College investigating the role of fatty acid metabolism in endurance exercise. Katie’s efforts will result in manuscript that will be submitted for publication in the near future. Brooke performed a literature review of scientific articles in order to determine how consumption of the ketogenic diet affects oxidative stress, which has been suggested to influence the development of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease. Brooke will use her findings to plan a senior research project.

Summer Fellow Projects

Katie Kurzinsky’s Summer Fellow Project 

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