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HEP Assistant Professor Publishes in Inflammation Research

Dr. April Carpenter’s manuscript entitled “Macrophage derived Wnt signaling increases endothelial permeability during skeletal muscle injury” has been accepted for publication in the journal, Inflammation Research, under Ref.: Ms. No. INRE-D-20-00470R1.  The manuscript details macrophages produce growth factors that stimulate specific pathways to aid in skeletal muscle repair. Increasing permeability of endothelial cells post-injury allows for important cells and nutrients to migrate to the affected area. Macrophages are important components of inflammation. This publication supports the idea that early inflammation is beneficial to efficient and quick muscle healing. Therefore, when and how we use ice and anti-inflammatory medications after muscle injury should be further investigated. Members of the SkM lab continue to investigate how these findings differ among the sexes to answer the question of whether or not muscle injury treatments should vary based on male and female sex characteristics.

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