Politics and International Relations

Students use digital tools to remix research projects for broader audience

Training is part of the Digital Liberal Arts initiative

Courses in the Department of Politics & International Relations often focus on active learning and simulations, but our students just as often conduct original research. Beyond writing for their professors, our students also receive training in communicating academic work to a broader audience. In Spring 2020, students in Johannes Karreth’s seminars on International Political Economy and Terrorism & Political Violence conducted semester-long research projects on the political economy behind phenomena such as the rise of the fair trade movement or the relationship between trade and the environment. Students then remixed their research papers with digital tools. They received training from the DLA Fellows and Christiane Iannicelli to use tools such as TimelineJS, StoryMapJS, and Pictochart. The products included infographics with statistics and maps, timelines, and maps with original content.

Some examples can be accessed below: