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Wismer on Wheels

Wismer on Wheels is an on-campus community service organization that works to combat local community hunger and poverty.

Our organization takes the leftover food from the Wismer kitchen in compliance with the chefs and packages it up after lunches and dinners everyday and then it gets delivered twice a week to a food shelter in Norristown, Pa. The purpose of this organization is to help out the less fortunate by giving our time to give them food that would have just been thrown out. The organization is open to everyone, we just schedule volunteers at the beginning of the year for all of our lunch and dinner sessions and ask that they stick to their assigned sessions for the entire semester. Our organization only meets at the beginning of the year to schedule volunteers, but the president and vice president meet and communicate on a weekly basis to go over volunteer shifts and scheduling and also deliveries.


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  • Promotes unity and spreads awareness of the identities who belong to the Latinx, Afro-Latinx, indigenous and multi-racial Latinx communities.