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Mural artist Katie Merz: Live the Questions


Katie Merz’s Live the Questions will document the memories and stories of Class of 2020 alumni—who departed campus unexpectedly and without opportunity for closure or commemoration—and current students—in a frieze of images that will wind around the Facilities Building smokestack from base to top. Merz’s dynamic mural will feature iconography derived from a research phase, during which Class of 2020 alumni and current students will share stories, questions, histories, and memories, and reflect on the critical events of 2020.

The artist describes her drawing process as “a spur of the moment…kinetic ordering” or graphic translation of images, words, and phrases resulting from her research. She achieves her graphic approach by hand drawing in enduring oil stick against a flat background. Merz’s Live the Questions will interweave memories, experiences, and aspirations of the Ursinus community into an indelible visual palimpsest commemorating 2020’s unique circumstances. This work is a permanent installation on the Ursinus campus.

Watch the live progress at https://www.ursinus.edu/news/livestream-of-smokestack/


Click here for the full story with videos, interviews and a time lapse video.


We are grateful for the support of the following Berman National Advisory Council members for the execution of this project:

Rhoda B. Hershman ’52
The Philip & Muriel Berman Foundation – Nancy Berman Bloch H’99 & Alan Bloch
Lawrence A. Barocas
Jill Leauber Marsteller ’78
Joseph P. Logan
Christopher E. Dunne in Honor of Charles Stainback

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