Costumed Dogs a Hit on Halloween

Faculty and staff brought their dogs to campus—many in costume—for a Halloween edition of Pause for Paws.

The monthly event keeps students from missing their own beloved pets back home and also acts as a stress reducer.

Dogs that were in costume participated in a costume contest. Students were asked to cast votes to determine the winners, but one student who was clearly excited about the dogs said, “I think [the students] are the winners today.”

The dogs who participated were Flirt, who belongs to Visiting Psychology Instructor (and organizer of the event) Brenda Lederach and was dressed as Punk Dog; Hudson, who belongs to Chemistry Lecturer Monica Chu and was dressed as Toothless the Dragon; and Jasper, who belongs to Assistant Director of Residence Life Jordan Toy and was dressed as Hipster Pug. Bella and Brutus dressed as Eeyore and Tigger, respectively, to complement their owner, Assistant Director of Leadership Development and Student Activities Angie Cuva, who was dressed as Piglet.

The top dogs were:

First place: Hudson as Toothless the Dragon (he took home a box of Milk Bone biscuits and pumpkin chew toy)
Second place: Flirt as Punk Rocker
Third place: Brutus as Tigger

Ray Stitt was also at the event to demonstrate how to perform dog CPR.