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How to Gain Social Media Followers

The U-Imagine Center hosted a workshop on How to Gain Social Media Followers, featuring Ursinus Alum Chelsea Saylegh, class of 2016. Alongside Chelsea, Manning Smith, Jake Reichart, Joe Shaprio explained what it takes to grow a consistent social media following.

Here are some things you missed

How to create a brand

Answer these three questions:

  1. What is my product/service?
  2. Why do people want my product/service?
  3. What advantage does my product/service have?

After you answer these questions work to develop the visual identity of the brand. This brand identity should consistently represent the answers to the above questions. When creating this identity think about what you want potential followers to understand about your service/product, based on your visual appeal.

How to engage with your followers How to Gain Social Media Followers

Engaging with your customers and followers is key for three reasons. It ensures customer satisfaction, customer retention, and customer recommendation. 

The main focus is customer recommendation. This is a great way to grow your following by providing customers with a way to express how much they love your product/service and, in return, engaging with them, allowing customers to feel involved with the identity of your brand. However, to get customer recommendations you must first earn the satisfaction and consistent retention of your customers. These first two steps are crucial to the development of customer recommendation and growth in the number of customers/followers.

How to create consistent content

Consistent content is ultimately the most important aspect of developing your brand’s identity. The content must capture your brand and the message you want to tell your customers. Ways to help form consistency include: making a schedule, posting consistently, and diversifying your content across different platforms. Different audiences engage with specific content on different platforms. What appeals to the older generation on Facebook may not appeal to the younger generation on Instagram.

What We Covered:

  • Brand Development
  • Target Audiences
  • Creating Consistent Content
  • Engaging with Followers
  • Making Money

Want to See What You Missed?

Watch the recorded workshop here!

Special Advisor

Chelsea Saylegh ’16

Chelsea Sayegh

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