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2020 in 6 Words: Micro-memoirs

Can you distill your true experience of (or feelings about) 2020 into just 6 words?

Here in the Ursinus Archives, otherwise known as the Ursinusiana Collection, we’re seeking to document the year 2020. Between the pandemic, protests for racial justice, and a presidential election, we want to preserve a sense of how Ursinus students, faculty and staff experienced this year. We’re kicking this project off with a challenge: document your feelings, ideas, views, or observations of this year in just 6 words. Consider it a sort of “micro-memoir.”

Here are some examples of six word memoirs, mostly from the book: Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six Word Memoirs from Writers Famous and Obscure.

  • “I take photographs. I see life.”
  • “Took scenic route, got in late.” -Will Blythe
  • “My second grade teacher was right.” -Janelle Brown
  • “Afraid of everything. Did it anyway.” -Ayse Erginer
  • “Found great happiness in insignificant details.” -Alisdair McDiarmid
  • “Maybe you had to be there.” -Ray Blount, Jr.

We are looking for your true feelings about 2020 put into just six words.

We want to offer this challenge to you. Should you accept, your words may be used in an exhibit in Myrin Library. They will later be kept in a collection and become part of the Ursinusiana Collection and the history of Ursinus.

What will your six words be?

Please send your six words via email to Carolyn at cweigel@ursinus.edu. Since 2020 isn’t over yet, there’s no deadline, and you can submit multiple entries if new things occur to you. Please note in the e-mail if you wish this to be recorded anonymously or with your name included.

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