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Ghosts in the Library?!

Throughout the week of October 26, the Library hosted a virtual game called “Ghosts in the Library”.

The premise of the game was that Myrin Library had been haunted for centuries by ghosts, who were now trapped inside the library and in need of human existence to escape and once again roam freely around campus.

Over 40 faculty, staff, and students played the game, including the following participants: 

  • Erin Benfer
  • Emily Benning
  • Margie Connor
  • Chris Downs
  • Anastasia Dziekan
  • Dan Erb
  • Donovan Erskine
  • Tierney Esler
  • Amy Espiritu
  • Kate Foley
  • Myla Haan
  • Josh Heck
  • Yvon Kennon
  • Rick Kohn
  • Brenda Lederach
  • Gabrielle Liott
  • Tyler Lunsford
  • Jamie Mayer
  • Ellie Mikus
  • Evaline Miller
  • Gabe Moliken
  • Maximus Moore
  • Adam Moritz
  • Keturah Pagan
  • Kayla Paulson
  • Abby Peabody
  • Karen Pumo
  • Ray Stitt
  • Casey Schwarz
  • Diane Skorina
  • Ashling Suppan
  • Stephanie Weigel
  • Claude Wolfer
  • Alexis Wood
  • Gabrielle Wright
  • Catie Wrinn
  • Shannon Zura

Thank you all for participating, and if you are interested in playing this game and/or other virtual escape rooms, you can find them at https://go.ursinus.edu/escape 

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