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UC Imagine Fest Winners

The UC-Imagine Fest was a 15-hour marathon event that occurred virtually on November 13th & November 14th. Students worked together and individually to develop innovative and creative solutions for an existing problem. This year, participants geared their solutions toward the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. PPE sustainability, education engagement advancements, and mask improvements were among some of the ideas that were presented during the event.

We want to thank all participants for their exceptional contributions and acknowledge the initiative that they displayed during these unprecedented and uncertain times.

This year’s focus

“COVID 19 is a global event that has created disruption in many, if not all aspects of our lives. Typically, crises of this magnitude force significant changes in the status quo. Many new ideas are born out of the constraints that crises present, when there are no alternatives left but to change. We have seen this across all types of institutions, including our own. The goal of the UC Imagine Fest was to challenge students to think about the problems that the crisis has created and propose unique solutions to those problems. Students rose to the challenge and created solutions that revolved around PPE sustainability, educational innovations and mask improvements. UC Imagine Fest is one of many experiential opportunities that encourage students to develop and apply an entrepreneurial mindset to important world problems.”


Congratulations to our winners of this year’s UC Imagine Fest

UC Imagine Fest

First Place - Project Light | Jake Amendola-Reichard ’24 – Economics & Mathematics, Joe Shapiro ’24 – Media & Communications, & Eve Peiffer ’21 – Applied Economics

ProjectLight is a simple solution to disinfecting PPE for healthcare workers. The design is a wardrobe equipped with 4 pulsating UVC lights that can kill viruses and bacteria in under 2 minutes.

Second Place - Speaking From Success | Theodora Zeibekis ’24 - Biology & Isabella Villegas ’24 - Political Science

Speaking from Success is an online educational platform created to help bridge the gap between classroom learning and Zoom learning. The online platforms are focused on teaching, encouraging, and empowering students to continue staying engaged with their online classes.

Third Place - Cyber Room | Tyler Ways ’24 - Undecided & Kevin Gonzalez ’24 - Undecided 

CyberRoom provides educators with a broad range of virtual games, activities, and tools allowing educators to completely customize their lesson plans. Through the use of these platforms, teachers can encourage overall interaction with their students, increase motivation, and engagement.

Honorable Mention - We’ve Done That Before | Delanie Rogers ’23 - Media & Production Studies

Honorable Mention - C-Clear | William Pastor ’24 - Computer Science & Neuroscience

Honorable Mention - COVID Bracelet | Christian Ndaye ’21 - Computer Science & Mathematics 

If you are interested in learning more about the solutions that the students developed, check out their presentations. U-Imagine Youtube Channel

Thank you to all of our speakers, judges, and mentors for assisting and inspiring the students to innovate creative solutions for their projects.


UC Imagine Fest | Almuni & Professionals


Check out their presentations: U-Imagine Youtube Channel



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