Faculty and Staff

Erin Hovey Receives 2020 Laughlin Distinguished Administrator Award

The Laughlin Distinguished Administrator Award goes to an Ursinus College employee in recognition of their extraordinary efforts, quality of work, dedication, and service to the college. I am pleased to award this year’s Laughlin award to Erin Hovey.

Erin, who is a proud graduate of Ursinus College, is the definition of a “Bear for life.” She is known for her great sense of humor and as a positive person who likes to solve problems, even if those problems seem impossible.

In their nomination, one colleague noted, “She is the Ursinus website guru and is responsible for maintaining over 2,500 pages. This past year, she was charged with the monumental task of leading the redesign of the college’s website in its entirety—and she went above and beyond to do so, leading the effort on her own and training faculty and staff web editors across campus.”


Another colleague said, that when the COVID-19 pandemic caused the cancellation of our on campus events such as Graduation, Open Houses, and Admitted Students Day, “Erin’s web skills were in more demand, project parameters were more unclear than ever and all timelines were ASAP. Erin worked tirelessly to put out an exceptional product and still keep the student journey top of mind.”


Thank you, Erin, for your work and congratulations on this award!