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Ursinus Unites for 2020

Ursinus Unites: Helping Recent Grads - It works!

This past summer, Career and Post-Graduate Development and Alumni Relations, launched a program called Ursinus Unites, an initiative to support our recent graduates as they graduated into a difficult job market. As we all consider the Ursinus Quest and question “How Should We Live Together?” It is clear that one of the ways to best demonstrate how to live together is to help our fellow Bears. How do we help our most recent graduates? We unite!

The program thus far has connected the class of 2020 with opportunities presented by alumni, parents, or community members. Recently, Brendan Cherrey ’20 found full time employment at Abcam in Boston as a Lab Technician through Ursinus Unites. Cherrey says, “Ursinus Unites was a great opportunity for me to explore more opportunities in my field of interest. I was able to learn a lot about Abcam before I applied, which made me excited to accept the job.”

If you are interested in helping the class of 2020 or 2021, please consider providing opportunities including: Full-time jobs (at your organization or elsewhere), Postgraduate internships/fellowships, Short-term projects (e.g., launching a website, developing a new business plan, managing an online event), or Gap year/volunteer opportunities. You can do so by filling out this form. For more information please see frequently asked questions here.

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