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Forests & People Course Publish Projects in Digital Commons

Students in Professor Hurley’s fall ENV-338 Forests & People course “explore the complexity of human-forest interactions and efforts to use forests more sustainably” through a community engagement project posted to UC Digital Commons.

Students in the Forests & Peoples course engaged a community partner or individual with extensive experience living in, working in, or advocating for forests to create story maps. In developing their story maps, students explored how these groups or individuals understand forest use, stewardship, and community benefits by documenting their specific experiences and interactions with forests through oral history interviewing techniques on Zoom. The students learned about the ways people interact with, influence, and are influenced by forests.

Forest Stories: Guided “Visits” to the Diverse Woodlands of North America (Overview) introduces readers to the ENV-338 course context of the individual profiles, including key themes from readings, guest speakers and more.

Other story maps contain interviews with:

  • Beth Myers and Jessie Kemper, conservation specialists at the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy, and their efforts to reforest critical areas of this creek basin
  • Dave Eisler and his rehabilitation efforts on private property in the Coast Range of Oregon
  • Sarah Altemus-Pope, Executive Director of the Southern Willamette Forest Collaborative in Oakridge, Oregon and how she addresses forest issues on public and private land in the central Cascades.

To explore the work of the ENV-338 students, visit the Digital Commons class project here.

This Digital Commons story map project was supported by Stephen Buss and Andy Prock from Library and Information Technology.

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