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Meet a Rising Star

Class of 2015 Student, Steve Medeiros, Leads Ursinus College Emergency Medical Services

Steven A. Medeiros ’15 is helping to save lives. For this Biology and Neuroscience double-major, opportunities for hands-on experience cannot become more real than leading UC Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and serving as a First Responder.

“Being in service 24/7 during the semester, we get called out of bed, the shower, class, and work to respond to everything from paper cuts to car accidents,” says Medeiros.

He is often the first on arrival in a medical emergency, providing care and coordinating with paramedics, if necessary. As Chief of UC EMS, he is also acquiring useful leadership skills. Being involved with the group has been truly valuable for Medeiros, helping prepare him for a future career as a physician.

“The critical thinking and time management abilities I’ve developed at Ursinus mesh well with the stress management and adaptability I’ve learned through EMS,” says Medeiros. “As a result, I feel very well prepared for medical school and entering the field in general.”

In addition to his work with UC EMS, Medeiros works for College Tech Support, is a Spanish tutor, co-hosts a campus radio show, and is President of Phi Kappa Sigma.

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