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The Virtual Campus: Panopto makes Zoom Video Storage and Sharing Easy

Work more efficiently, save time, and energy by using the automation in the Zoom and Panopto integrations for storing and sharing video.
Learn how to use Panopto to pre-record lectures, record lectures live, and host your videos from our Knowledge Base - Panopto (ursinus.edu)

Library and Information Technology (LIT) supports many tools to facilitate remote teaching, learning and working. Faculty, Staff and Students have benefitted from using Zoom, and over the summer Ursinus secured Zoom licenses for the campus. Zoom is a great tool for holding and recording meetings-however Zoom has limited storage capacity for recordings.

We reviewed several solutions for securely managing and sharing videos and decided on Panopto because the built-in Zoom integration creates a reliable end-to-end video solution to capture meetings, classes, and events. Panopto automatically make those recordings searchable and shareable inside Ursinus’s secure video library.

With Panopto, anyone can create and share professional on-demand videos securely. Developed at Carnegie Mellon University, Panopto manages recorded lectures, additional classroom videos, and even 3rd-party media in a secure, searchable video platform that integrates with Canvas. You can download Panopto or record video through your browser.

Panopto’s online dashboard includes tools for editing Zoom recordings, features that enable ongoing collaboration between meeting or class attendees, a robust video analytics suite to monitor video viewing and viewer interaction, and unlimited flexible cloud storage to keep recordings long-term.

To overcome remote learning challenges, many institutions began recording class meetings. For students who couldn’t attend the live class session, recordings make it possible to watch the discussion on-demand from any device. For those who were able to attend, recordings make it possible to review concepts and important ideas prior to exams. With powerful search functions, students can search for a term and Panopto will show any instance that word is spoken with Automatic speech recognition (ASR), when that word is shown on screen through Optical character recognition (OCR), when the word appears in slide decks, and if that word was used in the public chat in a Zoom meeting.

With Panopto, students can ask questions, have discussions, and leave bookmarks for themselves right inside the Panopto video player — whether or not they’re watching in real time. That means that distance learners can still get that personalized classroom experience even when watching on-demand course videos. They can also interact with classmates and take notes for later in Panopto videos just like they would in a physical classroom environment.

If you haven’t yet—try using Panopto

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