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MLK Week - Alumnae Reflections

As a part of MLK Week 2021, young alumni/ae of color were asked to share brief reflections on how the Civil Rights Movement impacted their lives.
These are the reflection videos that we received.

Each respondent shared personal stories, discussed aspects of their experience at Ursinus, and gave inspiring messages for current students.

Jada Grice ’19 


Jada Grice ’19 (English, Creative Writing, and African American and Africana Studies) described her visit to the building in Chicago where King lived during his Chicago campaign in the visit to Chicago coordinated by the late Rev. Charles Rice in his Religion and Civil Rights course. She encouraged us, when we think of the Civil Rights Movement, to think of “agency”–“people [who] wanted their voices to be heard, their needs to be met, and their struggles to be seen.

Courtney Williams ’14


Courtney Williams ’14 (English and Music) shares a story about her grandmother, who was born a sharecropper in South Carolina, and her son–Courtney’s father–who has three postsecondary degrees, reminding current students that while the movement might seem in the past, it directly impacted the lives of so many.

Rosie Davis Aubrey ’15


Rosie Davis-Aubrey ’15 (Dance and Biology) urged current students, as they study the Civil Rights Movements, to learn from the resilience of the heroes of the previous generation.

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