Dance Concert Works by Faculty, Student, Guest Artist

The upcoming dance concert features eclectic works by faculty, a guest artist and a student whose choreography is based on her Independent Learning Experience. The theme is Duality.

The Ursinus College Dance Company presents its fall concert Nov. 20-22 at 7:30 p.m. in the Lenfest Theater in the Kaleidoscope Performing Arts Center. Included in the concert, titled Duality, are works by faculty members, a guest artist and a student, each piece representing an interpretation of the idea of duality and how it presents itself in our lives.

Tickets for the concert can be obtained at, or by calling the Box Office at 610-409-3030. Tickets are $5 general admission.  There will be a talk-back with the choreographers and dancers following the performance on Thursday, Nov. 20.

The program will feature the works of choreographers Karen Clemente, Jeanine McCain and Melissa Chisena of the Ursinus dance faculty; guest artist Tara Rynders; and dance major La’Shante Cox ’16, also a psychology major. Faculty member Jeanine McCain is producer and artistic director and Karen Clemente is the associate producer. More than 30 students from various majors are performers and crew members.

Karen Clemente’s new work, Good Fences, is a modern dance piece about neighbors and the duality of that relationship. This dance uses wooden fences that are moved around the stage by the dancers to represent the different divisions that we create between ourselves and others. Inspiration from the piece is drawn from individual experiences of the ensemble, as well as from the Robert Frost poem “Mending Wall.”

Melissa Chisena’s contemporary ballet, titled Nocturne, explores the theme of duality between the light and dark. Taking place in an underworld type setting, the dancers are viewed as creatures of the night dancing to the unsettling music of Phillip Glass played by cellist Wendy Sutter. Throughout the piece, the struggle between the two worlds transpires and eventually the duality melts away to form a solitary existence.  

Junior La’Shante Cox presents an excerpt of a larger project she is developing for her Independent Learning Experience at Ursinus. State: Diminishing Intent is inspired by a series of student interviews she conducted on race and identity.  Her work strives to express the duality between expectation and reality, race and voice, silence and expression, and the perception of a community versus the individual within it.

Jeanine McCain’s piece, Murmuration, incorporates spoken word and movement. The movement of the piece is partially inspired by the flocking patterns of birds, and investigates the duality of the internal life of an individual in comparison to what they express externally, depending on the group to which they belong, and who might be watching. 

Tara Rynders, an interdisciplinary dance and video artist based in Denver, created a dance for camera piece with Ursinus students in September. The Duality of Us is rooted in the experiences of the dancers in their current lives on this campus.  This video work holds an underlying theme of these women embracing differences and searching for the moments of connection that opposition can bring.