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Biology Department Logo Contest

The Ursinus Department of Biology is looking for a new look! Submit a design to win a prize, and of course, bragging rights! See below for contest rules.

The winning artist will be awarded an Ursinus College sweatshirt, and the honor of having their logo design on Bio seminar posters, flyers, notecards and t-shirts in the future. Here are the rules for submission:

1. The design must be original artwork.

2. Designs may be submitted by a biology major, a team of biology majors or a biology major in collaboration with a student in another major.

3. Designs must be submitted on a powerpoint slides.

4. The due date is noon March 15th.

5. Submissions should be emailed to Dr. Goddard

6. A maximum of two submissions per person or team.

7. The design should be presented two ways on two separate powerpoint slides:

a. Black ink that could be on a colored t-shirt

b. Colored design for posters, flyers, etc.

8. All Biology majors, students in Bio102, Biology Faculty and Staff will have the opportunity to vote by Qualtrics. The names of the artists will not appear with the entries in the Qualtrics survey.

9. The winner(s) will be announced by March 25th.

Contact Dr. Goddard with any questions!

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