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Bears Look Back at 2020: 6 Word Micro-Memoirs

Last year, we asked Ursinus students, faculty and staff to encapsulate their experiences of 2020 in just 6 words. Turns out, the Ursinus community had a lot to say in those few words! Stop by the display in Myrin library to read it all.

A “2020 in 6 words: Micro-memoirs” exhibit is now on display in the Myrin Library Lobby highlighting events in the lives of students, faculty and staff at Ursinus during the year 2020. 2020 was a memorable year. There was a pandemic, protests for racial justice, and a presidential election. All were events that we will never forget. The six word micro-memoirs were written by Ursinus Community members to preserve their feelings and to be shared with others. Some names are used when permission was given, while others wished for their names to remain anonymous. These submissions document the year 2020 and preserve a sense of how students, faculty, and staff experienced the year. Eventually, the will become part of the Ursinusiana Collection.

There were sixty-one submissions. Some are just one line of six words. Others are more like poems made up of six words in each line. Several people submitted memoirs before the presidential election and then again after it was over.

Stop by Myrin and read the micro-memoirs! You’ll find: frustration; Zoom; hugs; uncertainty; adaptability; technology; happiness; and disappointment – just to name a few.

2020 may be over, but if you are interested in sending in your feelings about 2020 in a micro-memoir, please send them to cweigel@ursinus.edu for inclusion in the Ursinusiana Collection.

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