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Landing my dream job, all thanks to teamwork, passion, community and everything in between at UC.

David Mendelsohn ’19

David Mendelsohn '19
“I feel very fortunate to say that I have my dream job. After about a year-and-a-half of part-time work, I went full-time as a producer at Jomboy Media in 2020 and it has been a fantastic experience. I produce our flagship Talkin’ Baseball and Talkin’ Yanks podcasts, covering both Major League Baseball as a whole and the New York Yankees individually

Anyone working in baseball media will attest the season is a seven-month grind, watching at least three hours of games and putting out associated content daily. If not for my time at Ursinus, I’m not sure that I would have been ready for it.

Once I found my passion in the classroom as a media & communications major, I took every opportunity presented to me by Ursinus to improve my skills outside of class. I took on roles that challenged me, such as hosting my own radio show, working in both the athletics communications department and campus safety, and serving as the sports editor for The Grizzly.

Athletic communications director, Andy Edwards was one of the first people at Ursinus to mentor me. He gave me the chance to work under him in the athletic communications department, where he taught me new skills working with technology, stat keeping, broadcasting, and much more. He trusted me and empowered me to step out of my comfort zone to try new roles, learn new sports and run events for him.

I am incredibly thankful for my two years working as sports editor of The Grizzly. It was there that I learned how to summarize my thoughts succinctly and, perhaps more importantly, I learned how to turn in a quality product when time is of the essence. I use those abilities every day whether that is editing or preparing for a podcast, setting up events, making videos, or live-tweeting games.

Even more than the work ethic, I grew as a person in so many ways at UC. I learned to collaborate with and befriend many different types of people in my four years across a spectrum of interests and backgrounds. That helped me more than anything else as far as getting my foot in the door at Jomboy Media. In hindsight, I may not have had the skillset to be a producer before it was my job, but I was hired because I was a good friend and willing to learn.

David Mendelsohn '19


My work experience at Ursinus taught me that sometimes you have to put your head down and produce quality work, even when you don’t have time for perfection. My time at UC taught me how to work well on a multitude of teams. It has paid off during my career at Jomboy Media. Both baseball podcasts I produce consistently rank towards the top of the charts and we have built an incredibly supportive community around us that has allowed us to expand our team, travel around the country, and continue chasing our goals.” - David Mendelsohn ’19

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