J. D. Salinger’s Early Writings Revealed in Ursinus Weekly Newspapers

Author J. D. Salinger, who attended Ursinus College in the fall of 1938, wrote a column of musings and commentaries for the Ursinus Weekly newspaper called “The Skipped Diploma.”  These issues are now available to read online in our digital repository.

Author J. D. Salinger, who famously wrote The Catcher in the Rye, enrolled in a number of schools as a youth but never graduated from college - despite attending three (NYU, Columbia University, and, yes, Ursinus College).  It is perhaps this penchant for incompletion that inspired the name of the column he wrote for the Ursinus Weekly newspaper during his enrollment in the fall of 1938:  “The Skipped Diploma.”  The columns feature Salinger’s wry commentary on theater productions, movies, books, radio and life on the college campus.  Though the commentaries are often brief, his humor and talent as a writer are evident and abundant.  They also occasionally reveal autobiographical details.  In addition to his column, Salinger also wrote articles reviewing Ursinus College theater productions.  Below are links and some details of each issue, which are all available in the Digital Commons institutional repository.